Ukraine, 2014. The civil war rages on, tormenting the country. It feels like a cold war is not far off. In this context, David, a high-ranking member of a spy agency, is sent to retrieve information on site and mysteriously disappears in action. He reappears three months later, raising many questions about what happened. Soon we realize that this is only a link in a much larger framework that forms a Europe-wide conspiracy with global implications.








Between two bad dreams, Stephen reconnects with his agent, David, a partner and friend he thought dead, and finds that he is in poor health. Stephen decides that this mysterious disappearance and reappearance should be investigated and starts immediately. For this, he is left with a single trail, the last known individual before David’s disappearance: Aleskeï, a business enabler that David had to meet during his mission in Ukraine. However he has completely disappeared.



Several weeks pass, while David gets back on his feet and trains extensively. Stephen made very little progress in the case until finally he hears some rumors that Aleskeï will be be taking part in a poker game. He sends David there and while Aleskeï, once again, mysteriously didn’t show up, a new name comes up: l’Espagnol. Also, one of the players, Sergei, looks suspicious.

The poker game ends up in a fight. Sergei then runs away with the winnings and David chases him without success, but traces him back to his home. He sneaks into his house and, after a short interrogation, engages in combat at the end of which Sergei is defeated. Searching his records, he discover recordings involving Leonie, another Agent from the EIA, showing that she was ordered to shoot him in Ukraine. From that point, he suspects Leonie and therefore visits her to investigate the matter. Since she doesn’t give a satisfactory answer at first, he kidnaps her.



Stephen is then summoned to his boss in Berlin asking why his agent is out of control. David is now considered a threat and Stephen receives orders to kill him.

Xenia - Berlin
There starts a pursuit. Stephen is lost and is “dancing like a plane in a hurricane”. The case may be sensitive, or David may just have gotten loose. They’re about to discover a very complex network of money and influence, and the one at the head of it decided to get rid of them. Being an agent was never about having a quiet life, anyway!



David - Ukraine
We won’t tell any more because…. no spoilers !







©Xavier Munch, Luca Lettieri & Gautier Schneider 2015-2016